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Natural Disaster

There are disaster cleanup companies that can get the job done, and there are emergency restoration experts who go the extra mile. IBT & Companies is one of the latter. For years we have been focused on providing support and compassion during the restoration process to families who have been through natural disasters that tore their homes and lives apart.

In these times of distress, it’s important to have a support group to lean on, and we believe that your restoration team should be a part of this group.

A call to IBT & Companies is a call for your own confidence—an assurance the job will be done right.


When looking at what’s left of your property, whether your home has survived or not, can be tough. You may be feeling like starting over fresh. But there are important factors to note that should dissuade you from doing so.

  • You will still have to determine the cost of repairs, or rebuilding your home. This is the amount you will get from your insurance company to purchase a new home.
  • You will still be relying on the insurance company. Legally, you are entitled to purchase a new home but the effort may not be worth the results.
  • Restoration is much more affordable than purchasing a new home and property.

If you are looking to cut corners, buying new is not the way to do it.


Nature has a lot it can throw at is, and at IBT & Companies we’ve dealt with it all. Each disaster and job is different—as unique as each client. But, we go into each situation with a wealth of knowledge, experience and skill developed over years of work


Speed is imperative in dealing with a flood. Water damage becomes irreparable in no time, and so calling us the moment you are able to is important so we can mitigate, take preventative measures and begin restoration.


Roofs are the most likely casualties in the case of a tornado. Our team can tarp your roof and board up windows in record speed so that no further damage will be caused.


Fires can tear through a building and leave nothing behind. With compassion and care, IBT & Companies will get your home on its way to full restoration.


Lightning can incite fire, so it’s important to perform a full inspection of your home. Don’t do this yourself, give us a call. We will take all necessary precautions for a safe and decisive inspection.