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Based in Orlando and covers the whole state of Florida

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in Orlando and all over the State of Florida.

IBT & Companies’s interior design trade services has provided services across the State of Florida for many years in all areas of interior design that has consistently met the highest standards of expertise required for projects.

Beautiful Designs for a Diverse Clientele

Our client list includes entrepreneurs, professionals, business executives and many residential homeowners based in Florida who look for design plans that ultimately support health, wellbeing and safety while enhancing the visual appeal of living and workspaces. Experienced specialists in design projects, IBT & Companies strives to create spaces that incorporate comfort and elegance with ergonomic expertise and sustainable design.

Interior Designing Resources and Professional Affiliations

Our accredited and certified designers take pride in customizing the perfect plan to fit any style or budget and offer a range of solutions to any project in the State of Florida from start to finish. Our dedication to client satisfaction combined with the strong professional ties we have formed through the years with local contractors and other suppliers ensures that each interior design project we undertake is completed on time, on budget and according to your actual requirements.

Our Expert Interior Design Service Creates Inspiring Looks

Our interior designers are pro’s when it comes to working with empty or cramped spaces. More often than not, home and business owners are unsure as to how to decorate and create friendly and clutter free environments. Our team takes time to sit down with clients and discuss preferred style. This is how we find out what sort of ambience you want your home of workplace to give off. We’ll ask a series of questions like: do you want a comfy and creative setting or a modern, industrious one? What color schemes make you happy and calm? What types of styles do you find most appealing?

If you aren’t feeling inspired because your space is limiting your creativity; we can help! By showing you past work we’ve done and examples, we’ll discover a look that suits your taste and space. Maybe you have beautiful bay windows in a tiny kitchen; if that’s the case play up those windows with stylish curtains or choose a color that will make the area pop and look bigger and brighter, accentuating the light. Perhaps your office space is too dark and cramped, cold or boring and lacks the design you need in order to motivate staff. IBT & Companies can help with that, we’ll re-create a look that’ll help your workers to feel more productive and relaxed.

IBT & Companies Interior Blueprint

We are up to Date on Emerging Trends

Through our expertise is space planning, materials and finishes; IBT & Companies integrates the latest design trends that are both practical and stylish. Reflecting the distinct and innate function of the homes and businesses they were created for.

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IBT & Companies designers are on a mission to bring a fresh perspective of interior design to clients that help them to discover and celebrate the unique aspects of their home and work environments that ultimately enables them to contribute to the unique fabric and beauty of the State of Florida as a whole.

IBT & Companies Interior Layout